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Medicaid Expansion

Expanding Medicaid means 500,000 North Carolinians will be able to go to the doctor. They’ll be able to get their medication. They’ll be able to keep their kids and themselves healthy. Right now families of three making between $8,000 and $21,000 a year can’t get on Medicaid but also cannot get a subsidy to purchase low-cost health insurance from the Affordable Care Act.

37 states have taken action to expand access to their Medicaid program – including red states like Utah, Idaho, and Nebraska. Every House and Senate Democrat in the North Carolina General Assembly signed on to co-sponsor a pair of companion bills in the House and Senate that will ensure every North Carolinian gets access to affordable health care.

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Protecting the ACA

With the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act stalled (for now) in the Senate, Donald Trump and his allies have resorted to sabotaging the ACA, and the overall American health care system along with it.

Most recently, these sabotage tactics have included cutting the ACA enrollment period in half, and using taxpayer money intended for advertising the exchanges to attack the ACA instead.

Now, angry at the failure of his health care bill, Trump is canceling the subsidy agreement which helps keep premiums low for six million people with an executive order designed to destabilize the ACA marketplaces and force higher out-of-pocket costs onto working families.

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Rural Hospitals

In the past year, Medicaid provided health coverage for 1.9 million poor seniors, children, parents, and people with disabilities in North Carolina. More than half of those people live in rural areas.

Six rural hospitals in our state have closed since 2010, and several others are at high risk of financial distress. Medicaid expansion will disproportionately benefit rural communities by improving health care access and building stronger local economies.

Treating large numbers of uninsured patients puts a financial strain on health care providers, which results in higher costs for everyone. Medicaid expansion will benefit health care providers because they will treat many more patients with health coverage, resulting in more reimbursements, healthier patients, and lower costs for everyone.


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